The vagabond.

Journey never ends. People shift from one to another city, leaving behind familiar faces, familar places. I fear, being like a vagabond. I cross, many places, leave one, and travel to the corners of New one. Until, i see these places hiding stories. Each story in search of a new story, and stories in search […]

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I wonder, The way she glorifies With vanity, About her muse. I wonder, How he’s unkind, And Still, she could write, Him in her every line. I wonder, awed Why she muses? Everytime. Pretending to be his, Who’s never meant to be her’s.  Unaware of herself, She’s a rare poetry,  a poetess in love.

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​Dear stranger !

I wonder,  how would you turn from stranger to the most familiar person, I have ever known. Would universe conspire some plans for us? Okay! Even if it does, how would i recognise you?  would you cross the same path? Maybe, which I would be strolling on with my earphones plugged. While, those breezes  taking […]

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You fall on me, Like first rain, that Quenches the thirst of barren lands. You glitter in my eyes, Like, stars twinkle in skies. You love me so much. I wish to forget myself. Our feelings are common, And desires on fire. The intimacy is high, When you touch my shoulder, With your eyes. I […]

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​For a day, I ran, ran away far…. Lost in the cage, of my thoughts. But, was it worth…..worth being trapped in past? It’s okay, we all have memories… But what if, it is filled with morose? Would it still, be worth….worth dwelling in past? No, obviously not. I don’t mean you forget your past, […]

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The half.

We were together, But half way. He talked to me, Listened my stupid stories, But half. He Stayed with me, Strolled along me, But half. He came, promised me a happy world Of his existence fulfilled it even, but half. He knows me, But just half. Its all a game, and fate chose to play […]

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