Ek Aag.

Ek aag si hai is seene m,Jalti hai, dahakati hai, bhabhakti hai,

Par bujhti nhi.
Voh aag, shaant nhi rhne deti,

lalkaarti hai, jalati hai, tadpaati hai.

Kuch badlne ki chah hai, 

Kuch paane ki chah hai,

Voh sapne jo kabhi khuli aakho se dekha hai Maine,

Usse Poora karne ki jidd hai…

Waqt kisi ret ki tarah fisalta jaa rha…

Moam ki tarah pighalta jaa rha…

Aur mai,

Khidhti se tek kar,

Bas yu soch rhi..

Kya karna hai?

Kaise karna hai?

Nhi jaanti…

Par ek chah hai,

Jo mujhe sone nhi degi..

Yu jalati rahegi, tadpaati rahegi..

Uss aasaman ke sitaaro tk pahuchne ki chah…

Kisi ki baarish m, halki dhoop ban Jane ki chah..

Kisi k andhere m, roshni ban jaane ki chah..

Phir Kabhi yeh sochti hu..

Kya mai kar paungi?

Kya mai is kaabil hu?

Kabhi dara karti thi mai,

Kamjor pad jaane se..

Haar jaane se..

Badnaam ho jaane se..

Par ab darr bhi toh nhi lagata…

Anjaan log, aur anjaano ki baato se..

Apne yaa paraaye; sabke taano se..

Mai upar uth chuki hu,

In sab anargal baato se..

Farq nhi padta mujhe,


voh ek aag mujhme abhi bhi baaki hai

Jo mujhe tadpaati hai,

Mera vajood talashne ki,

Kisi andheri kaali raat k baad,

ugta hua suraj ban jaane ki…

Aaj phir khidti se tek kar baithi hu…

Aakho m kuch dudhlapan, aur kuch sapne liye,

Waqt fisalta jaa rha…

Waqt badalta jaa rha..

Aaj phir,

ek Shaam beeta di 

Yu hi sochte sochte…



Let’s take a break

Pause for a second

And run away, from the running life

to introspect,

the depth.

In beginning,

the solitude won’t be easy,

for those, 

lost in materialism and physicalism

But yes!

But as you practise, and persist

You’ll be accustomed 

to the bliss.

The peace hides within

Away from outrage and tranquility,

In self love,

away from the catastrophic city.

In the mid of ganges

40 feets above the river bed,

there is mysterious silence

In the arms of cold river

Hovering the cloudy sky,

In hazy sunlight,

I introspect.



On war.

Hovering Black clouds, and raining sky,

Doesn’t Daunts me, now. 

The thunders, 

and lightening, 

fears me not.

I’m girl grown up among wolves.

I know your traits,

So deceive me not, like you did with little red riding hood.

Water doesn’t runs in my veins,

Impassioned blood of tigress, oozes from my heart.

To the traitors of my heart,

I’m no Cinderella, 

Waiting for beloved Prince charming.

Nor shakuntala of old ages,

Submissive and fragile.

I’m on expedition,

from planet of stars, 

Away from ravines.

With Scimitars,

Defiant and defying. 

I’m on war with this world,

Tell me not about your love’s terrible lies.

The mirror.

I travel million distances,

Within my soul,

To search myself 

And to all places, I belong.
But, as I look myself,

Into depth of mirror

Words break down.

Give up on me, questioning,

Do I really deserve,

All I have got?
I cry, I shout,

On the person in the mirror. 

Still, no response I get.

I look into her eyes, 

silent like sea, 

hoping for an answer

But her face, is cold and still.

Seeing her voices screaming, In silence

I can’t calm myself.

I break down at the view…
The mirror cries,

I laugh at her innocence

I’m no good. 

I’m a bitch. 

I have two faces, 

I’m one,

And mirror shows, two.
I’m a sleepless child, 

With blend of tornadoes, inside. 

I’m mess, 

a little less, 

you have ever known me.
I’m fire,

Lost in sea.

Hoping for sun,

To shine again, at zenith.

To, the muse.

To the muse, who still lies untraceable.

Who breathes, in my poetries,

In pauses and my every stops.

With cliff of letters, Who make me high,

With every rhythm, Who makes me fall.
I write,

Filling the voids of his heart,

With the mists of my thoughts

From my ink spilled,


a heart


the heart

Of muse,

Who still lies untraceable.

In my poetry,

In pauses and stops.

I search, I write, I fill the voids of his heart.

In Hideaway of lies.

I never lied.

Neither my words ever did.

But he lies,

to hide the love that doesn’t hide.
Winters triggers his old soul,

the snowfalls frozes

his melting heart.

Alike sun hiding beneath sheets,

Can’t treasure it’s own heat

His gleaming eyes drips 

The oceans he conceals.
With his every drop,

Million poetries burns down my lips.

My eyes being his passionate reader,

Can read the unmatched love

In the hideaway of angst

his gleaming eyes potray.
But still he lies,

to hide the love that doesn’t hide.
And yet I adore, 

his salt sprinkled lies,

As my world lies

in those sparkling eyes

I read, 


The friend for life.

Life’s true colours are never revealed at the same time. 

There are days, when it seems like life is all darkest hues of blue. Each of us have experienced this at some point or the other.

For me, once it was like being trapped in a dense forest with no ray of light to guide through my way.

With onset of every new day, the darkest nights never left my way, and neither the sun stepped to my window.

I almost lost mself and cursed me, everyday. 

I saw no beauty in me. I just found darkness, silence and emptiness hovering and echoing all around.
I thank to the soul who made me fall in love with myself. Those little words, but, filled with depthness and compassion always emptied the grief from my soul. 

And those countless efforts always gave me a reason to smile. Thank you for being there everytime, at my worst and making me believe in me again, when i couldn’t trace out my home even.

You are alike bliss to my never ending Autumn.

I wonder, the way i fall short of words to describe you and, how easily, you put everything into words. 

In such a age, where people have lost the meaning of true friendship and accuse each other for being superficial and fake it’s always a blessing to have a friend, who still believes that friendships are pure and more beautiful than any kind of relation. 

Just remember, even if we go distances apart in search of our destinies, we’ll be friends till the end of stars.❤ 

Curse to you.

I easily forgive people,

But this time, I won’t forgive you.

To those who put me to hell,

I Will make sure that darkness hits you too.

When you  fall to the ground,

In million broken pieces, 

With no soulful soul like me, to help you,

Through your way.

You’ll know, it’s me, 

Who sent this curse, to you.

And I being magic,

Wrapped in words,

You can never touch my world,

Every time you try,

You’ll always fail.

Traces of heart.

3/ 10/ 2017

10:15 pm

1100 km palanpur.

Google location reads this.
My eyes don’t reach to the place, where you are, now. But for a heart, that distance is short.
Maybe, too short. 

With every minute passing, And increasing distance I’m left more vulnerable. The train you board carries you away, away from me, but for me, this continuously increasing distance brings me closer to you. 
Maybe, too close.

While I’m here at my window with misty eyes,
I can just see moon fading between clouds, 

the same way you faded away from my eyes, to hide in my heart.

The darkness outside illuminates my soul, but that heartless silvered moon constantly pierces my golden soul, leaving me benumed. 
While, I sit here, with you, beside me and I resting my head on your shoulder, telling my stories, not to you, but the silence that surrounds me, along with you. 

Just in that moment of painful stings, a leaf falls from that tree outside my window. I notice it, detaching and falling. Falling away from its home, it’s love, And there it’s journey begins, to places, known, unknown.

And here my journey begins, away from me, to you, as I read, the distance increasing,
to 11001 km.


winter knocked her doors again, tonight

And zealed up stories turned into ice.

All left up with withered expectations,

Like those withered grasses,

Broken twigs and crushed flowers.
Silence of nights would break her down,

The heart left stinged, would burst out in her eyes.

will nightmares let her sleep, tonight?

You have already broken window to her soul.

Now don’t talk of another ray of hope, again

If all you can give her is endless pain….