Ek Aag.

Ek aag si hai is seene m,Jalti hai, dahakati hai, bhabhakti hai, Par bujhti nhi. Voh aag, shaant nhi rhne deti, lalkaarti hai, jalati hai, tadpaati hai. Kuch badlne ki chah hai,  Kuch paane ki chah hai, Voh sapne jo kabhi khuli aakho se dekha hai Maine, Usse Poora karne ki jidd hai… Waqt kisi […]

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Let’s take a break Pause for a second And run away, from the running life to introspect, the depth. In beginning, the solitude won’t be easy, for those,  lost in materialism and physicalism But yes! But as you practise, and persist You’ll be accustomed  to the bliss. The peace hides within Away from outrage and […]

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On war.

Hovering Black clouds, and raining sky, Doesn’t Daunts me, now.  The thunders,  and lightening,  fears me not. I’m girl grown up among wolves. I know your traits, So deceive me not, like you did with little red riding hood. Water doesn’t runs in my veins, Impassioned blood of tigress, oozes from my heart. To the […]

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The mirror.

I travel million distances, Within my soul, To search myself  And to all places, I belong. But, as I look myself, Into depth of mirror Words break down. Give up on me, questioning, Do I really deserve, All I have got? I cry, I shout, On the person in the mirror.  Still, no response I […]

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To, the muse.

To the muse, who still lies untraceable. Who breathes, in my poetries, In pauses and my every stops. With cliff of letters, Who make me high, With every rhythm, Who makes me fall. I write, Filling the voids of his heart, With the mists of my thoughts From my ink spilled, From  a heart to […]

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In Hideaway of lies.

I never lied. Neither my words ever did. But he lies, to hide the love that doesn’t hide. Winters triggers his old soul, the snowfalls frozes his melting heart. Alike sun hiding beneath sheets, Can’t treasure it’s own heat His gleaming eyes drips  The oceans he conceals. With his every drop, Million poetries burns down […]

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